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Orthoses are worn inside your footwear. They are designed to help relieve pain, support your feet and improve their function. Expertly prescribed and fitted by the podiatrist, many factors are considered before arriving at the right device for you.

Thank you for considering custom foot orthoses from Progress Podiatry. These premium devices are made from an impression or 3D scan of each of your feet after a biomechanical assessment by the podiatrist. The podiatrist has recommended this prescribed option as part of your treatment plan. Consider the importance of your comfort, time, health, hobby and/or sport, and occupation in deciding what style of foot orthoses to get. Your orthoses could be the most important step to getting back on the road to good foot health and comfort.


Health Fund Codes – Custom Foot Orthoses

118 Biomechanical assessment $75

301 Cast/3D scan $20 (left)

301 Cast/3D scan $20 (right)

221 Custom-made functional foot orthotic $190 (left)

221 Custom-made functional foot orthotic $190 (right)

012 Intermediate appointment $55 (orthotic fitting)


An orthotic review appointment (health fund code 012 – 15 min – $55) or (health fund code 014 – 30 min – $75) is important to attend about 4-6 weeks after the orthotic fitting appointment. This is to ensure the devices are working as they should be and are being used correctly. Occasionally extra adjustments to the foot orthoses are required at this appointment. Call and attend the clinic if you have concerns about your orthoses.


It is advised to attend for an orthotic review (health fund code 014 – 30 min – $75) every 12 months to 18 months. The typical life of custom-made orthoses (working as they should be) is approximately three years. They may need some minor adjustments in this time period for best results. A top cover replacement at 12-18 months is ideal (cost $120). Call and attend the clinic if you have concerns about your orthoses.


Like a bargain?

Consider a second pair of foot orthoses purchased within 3 months of original pair for an extra $220. This is a saving of $160 on the devices and you also save on appointment fees. A second pair of orthoses is useful as a convenience (ie. you are not changing from shoe to shoe as often). A second pair could enable other possibilities when it comes to footwear fitting (eg. Women’s fashion shoe vs Sneakers). A second pair of foot orthoses can extend the time before you need new ones as you are splitting the wear and tear between both pairs of orthoses.

Remember to use podiatry health fund rebates if you have them! Don’t let them go to waste!