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Treatments for Heel Pain

Get expert diagnosis and treatment for the causes of heel pain. This condition can be debilitating and may interfere with your work and exercise for years if not treated properly. At Progress Podiatry, we get great results treating heel pain.


“It hurts under my heel when I get up in the morning or up after sitting. It’s getting worse.”

“There is a stabbing pain behind my heel. I can hardly walk!”


These are examples of the sort of things people with heel pain tell us at the clinic. Heel pain can be severe enough to interfere with work, sport, and even just walking and standing.


What causes heel pain?

Heel pain can start from an acute injury or chronic wear and tear. Poor foot and gait biomechanics, strenuous work on the feet or too much time on hard surfaces, wearing worn out or incorrect shoes are just some of the causes.

Common causes of heel pain:

  • plantar fasciitis
  • plantar fascia tear
  • Achilles tendinopathy
  • Sever’s Disease
  • retro calcaneal bursitis

Correct diagnosis

A correct diagnosis is essential for treating heel pain. At Progress Podiatry we use imaging (typically ultrasound and/or x-ray) to confirm the clinical diagnosis and rule out other possibilities.

Treatment options

Treatment options for heel pain include:

  • Massage and strapping
  • Offloading the foot in various ways (eg. CAM walker, foot orthoses)
  • Exercise and stretching programs
  • Professional footwear advice (foot specific, activity specific)

Orthotic therapy to address poor foot biomechanics (eg. flat foot – excessive pronation). Foot orthoses come in prefabricated or custom options. You can read more about foot orthoses here. Costs of orthoses at Progress Podiatry are shown in the table.


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