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Orthotic Therapy

Orthoses are worn inside your footwear. They are designed to help relieve pain, support your feet and improve their function. Expertly prescribed and fitted by the podiatrist, many factors are considered before arriving at the right device for you.  

General Podiatry

Any concern about your feet or legs can be brought up with the podiatrist. Thick, ingrown and difficult to cut nails can be expertly trimmed and filed. Corns, callus and fissures can be removed by shaving away the problematic skin.

We treat elongated nails, fungal infections of the skin and nail, ingrown toenails, corns & callus, fissures (eg. cracked heels), warts and more.

Diabetic Foot Care

A diabetic foot assessment involves preventative screening and education designed to reduce the risk of developing a foot ulcer or other serious foot problem. It includes thorough sensation and circulation testing as well as plantar pressure analysis, diabetes education and footwear advice

The assessment helps to determine the amount of ongoing podiatry recommended.

Ingrown Toenail Surgery

A very effective minor surgery for chronic ingrown toenails is a Partial Nail Avulsion (PNA). It is a quick procedure and people who have it often report only a low level of pain (if any) once the local anaesthetic has worn off. Typically the toe needs to be dressed for about three weeks afterwards. Many clients wonder why they hadn't got it done earlier as it is a permanent solution most of the time.

Massage & Strapping

Deep tissue massage can be extremely beneficial in relieving and stretching out tight or sore tissue in your legs and feet. Strapping can be used to rest or compress certain structures (eg. lateral ankle ligaments, plantar fascia) and reduce inflammation. Together these therapies may be useful for not only short term relief but long term rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Exercise & Stretching Programs

You may need to perform certain exercises or stretches to get a great result with your therapy. Having clear verbal or written instructions by the podiatrist can help guide you to perform the exercises correctly. We are able to send you a link for a photo or video demonstration for many of these programs.